It was great to head back to one of my favorite races in one of my favorite States!  I guess that after winning this race in 2009, it provides a little more motivation to do well and repeat that amazing feeling of crossing the line first.  My preparation since Syracuse had been great and I felt that my run had moved up a notch too.  This race always attracts a strong field and this year didn’t disappoint.  With the likes of Terenzo, Greg Bennett, Paul Matthews and Luke McKenzie, just to name a few, the race was bound to be a good one.

My accommodation for the race was with my amazing friends Rob and Shelli who I had met as my homestay from the previous year.  There is nothing like going to a race where you feel completely relaxed and at home.  This is what Rob and Shelli do.  I also had a friend, Jarrod, making the trip from Boulder with me.  I definitely had some great support.

Race day arrived and I felt ready to go. I swam well and, although coming out by myself 30 seconds back from the lead group, I was able to get back to them within 5 miles of the bike.  Once I made my way to the front of the lead group, I realized that two guys were away.  Paul and Greg had hit the gas from the start of the bike.  I pushed to the limit with the rest of the contenders in tow.  I continued to lose time to the leaders.  Hitting T2 2.30-2.45 behind 1 and 2,  I don’t think I have ever come out of transition with more aggression than this time.  I knew that I had to put a great run together if I were to win.  I kept pushing and although it started to get tough I was able to red line it the whole run.  I put this down to the running sessions I had been doing leading in.  I managed to pass Paul at the 10 mile mark and got within 25 seconds of Greg but ran out of road.  I ran 1.11.27, a personal best by nearly 2 minutes!

Very satisfied with my race, especially my run.  Still a little work to do on the ride but it’s heading in the right direction.

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