Vegas 70.3 World Championships

My main focus for the year and it went horribly wrong!  I had strung together a great season and felt as though any less than a podium would be a disappointment.  My preparation leading in had been good but not great.  Richie Cunningham (training partner and good friend) and I were finally racing together and we pushed each other in the lead up but something was not quite right….with either of us!

Two weeks out from the race, we were hitting our sessions but it was taking way too much out of us.  We were drained.  I don’t know if we got sick or just overdid it but, come race day, we had nothing.  We both missed the lead group by 1 min 45 seconds and, despite getting within 30 seconds of the front group at the turn, we both faded badly and came into T2 several minutes behind the front group and a lot more behind eventual winner Sebastian Kienle!

I tried to run on and salvage my race but I hit mile 1 and it was lights out.  I felt like I had an elephant on my back!  I finished 12th but I would say I ran but more survived!  Richie found a little in the tank and finished 10th.  We were both well off our potential.  Next year!

Thanks for reading, until next time.


Joe Gambles

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