Kona Ironman World Championships

I haven’t pulled out of many races and this is one that I definitely would rather finish!  Everyone goes to Kona with their fitness and health on a knife edge.  Everyone has prepared to the best of their ability and some of us have toppled off the edge of the cliff!  Since Vegas, I was back to 100% health and hit every session perfectly.  On my last long ride 2 weeks out, I was 5 hrs into a 6hr ride and felt so good, over did it on a few hills and felt something in my hamstring grab.  I put it down to a little cramp and thought nothing more of it.  I rode the next day and really struggled with severe tightness in the hamstring and glute.  I had every form of treatment to get it right leading up to the day of the race and I honestly thought that I would be fine.  I was, until mile 50 where I went from riding in the top 5 and holding 280-300 watts comfortably to getting passed by everyone and pedalling squares struggling to crack 200 watts!  Game over!  After several attempts to ‘suck it up’ I could do nothing more than make it back to T2 only to withdraw from the race as soon as my feet hit the timing mat.  It is disappointing, frustrating and a lot of ‘what ifs’ keep going through my mind.  But, I felt like I was actually ‘in the race’ and it was an amazing feeling and I want it back next year!

As I write this entry from Lava Java Café in Kona, I can say that I have never been more motivated or inspired by this race. I am excited about the future and will do everything possible between now and October next year to give myself every chance of rubbing shoulders with the best running on the Queen K in 2013!

Thanks for Reading & Happy Holidays!

Joe Gambles


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