The week leading into Ironman Tahoe was far from normal due to the flooding in Boulder. Luckily my home was spared from damage but many friends and neighbors were seriously affected, and as of today some are still unable to return home. As a result of the flooding, many roads, trails, and swimming pools were closed and will take quite a bit of time to repair.

Hours of Sleep 50
Number of Massages 2
Number of Dry Needling 2
Hours Training- Bike 6
Hours Training- Swim 3
Hours Training- Run 3
Number of Beers Consumed 7
Number of Coffees Consumed 10
Number of Red Rocks Shows 2 (The Lumineers and The National with Frightened Rabbit and Local Natives)
Pre Race Dinner White rice, sweet potatoes and veggie burger (Hillary’s)
Pre Race Distraction Monty Python and the Holy Grail


Pre Race Song None – Ipod frozen
Transition Talk “Are we really doing this?” (Matt Lieto)
Support Crew Sage Calamari, Shelli Main, Rob Main



IMG_0209 IMG_0197


Race day morning was cold. The day before it had snowed on one of the peaks we were to climb on the bike and most of the pre day preparation was spent planning the bitter ride ahead. Things done differently due to cold weather:

1. Put wetsuit on before driving to T1 to keep warm

2. No swim or run warm-up

3. Put bike shoes on in transition tent (maybe not the best idea as running difficult)

4. Wiped ice off bike seat, computer, and sunglasses!


Not much was said during the swim start but the water was warmer than the air.

Goggles TYR Tracer
Wetsuit TYR Freak of Nature
Swim Cap TYR Warmwear Swim Cap  


Swim exit video here …

THE BIKE…enough said


Bike Team Trek K-Swiss Campagnola Speed Concept
Groupset Campagnola Electronic Power Shift (EPS)
Saddle ISM Podium
Powermeter Powertap
Helmet Rudy Project Wingspan Time Trial Helmet
Shoes Bontrager Hilo RXL
Sunglasses Rudy Project Genetyk Racing
Wheels Bontrager prototype disk Aeolus 7 D3 (Tubular)  
Arm Warmer Castelli Cycling
Climber’s jersey Castelli Cycling
Compression Socks CEP Compression Sleeves
Gloves Bontrager 
Hat Castelli Cycling
Toe warmer Bontrager 
Shoe cover Castelli Cycling
PowerGel (on bike)  14
Powerbar Perform (on bike)  128 oz



The Run 

After hobbling out of transition and feeling very hungry I went about making time up on first and second place. By the ten mile mark I realized that the only way I was going to move up in the field was if Chris or Mieke were to falter…they didn’t. Despite having a really bad patch between 18 and 22 miles, I finished off strong and very happy to maintain third.

Shoes K-Swiss Kwicky Blade-Light N
Sunglasses Rudy Project Revenge
Racebelt FuelBelt
FuelBelt FuelBelt 
PowerGel (on run) 6
Powerbar Perform (on run) 16 oz



POST RACE RECOVERY – Tried to walk but failed

Cheekiest Maneuver Romaine Guillaume (sitting on my feet in the swim then out sprinting me for first out of the water)
Saving grace on bike Romaine Guillaume (pushing the pace on North Star climb on lap 2 when I was having a bad patch)
Slowest T2 transition Me
Most aggressive Everyone who made it to the finish line
Biggest shout out Amazing volunteers


Funniest/most interesting thought during:
Swim I can’t believe I’m leading the swim
T1 Wow I have a lot of stuff in my transition bag
Bike I hope there’s no ice on the road
T2 Well, that was a crappy transition
Run What seems shorter 42 kilometers or 26 miles?
Finish That was a tough but amazing race


Thanks to race director Keats McGonigal, the volunteers and supporters. A special thanks to Rob and Shelli Main for their continued hospitality and friendship (and photos).










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